Author Topic: 5.4 Fury Warrior - Crit Soft Cap? Haste Value for Rage Generation?  (Read 3270 times)

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Relatively new min/maxing fury warrior here with some simple questions, looking for some knowledgeable answers.

Is there a crit soft cap for Fury Warriors?

For understandable reasons, crit become's fury's most valuable stat. Simple question, is there a crit soft cap (buffed or unbuffed) that Fury warriors can reach? I recall in years passed, anything near and above the 45% range unbuffed meant that yellow abilities were already at max crit potential, given the various other melee swing possibilities.

Does askmrrobot undervalue the haste stat at extreme gear levels with regards to rage generation?
Does a haste soft cap exist for fury warriors?
What is the dps value of reaching such a haste soft cap, if there is one?

I understand that as a stat second to crit, mastery is valued higher than haste in raw stat weight, especially with a higher crit percent (and thus, higher enrage uptime to benefit from mastery.) I just wonder if there is any merit to the valuation of haste with regards to either lowering the gcd, fitting in more gcds during Collosus Smash, or even simple rage generation to use more heroic strikes.

For further clarification, is Robot limited in its values for haste to just a flat stat weight, or does it account for the additional benefits of haste specifically to its benefits for rage generation? It strikes me as odd that the haste value is stagnant across all ilvls of fury.

It's possible that all of these things are taken into account, and mastery is just better. I look forward to your feedback.

Thanks in advance for your responses

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Re: 5.4 Fury Warrior - Crit Soft Cap? Haste Value for Rage Generation?
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I am not aware of a crit soft cap for Fury warriors at this time (or at least, not one that is obtainable).

Our stat weights are created for higher item level sets of gear, and then tested at lower item level sets to make sure the results are still near-optimal or optimal. We use a simulator (SimC) to calculate these weights and test the different sets of gear.

The default weights we have are a reflection of all those tests and analysis. I can't give you a particularly warrior-specific discussion off the top of my head, but some other folks on this forum might be able to.