Classic WoW Optimizer

would pay for amr clasic also, dont play retail in along time

Also wishing for AMR Classic, and willing to pay. And @turiel pretty much nailed it. Specifically, hit and weapon skill interaction. Also spell hit, this is another area that confuses people.

Also cancelled subscription today and entered refund request for my Sep 12th payment. Until classic is released I have no reason to pay you for a service I don’t benefit from. My money is yours to earn, but currently I dont play retail/BFA so I’ll make another small dent in your revenue. #votewithmywallet

My bill comes due in jan or 2020 but without classic optimizer there is no way im signing back up.

I would even donate extra to get this shit done.

We have created a survey about WoW Classic:

WoW Classic Survey

If you have any interest in WoW Classic (or even if you don’t like WoW Classic) then take the survey and let us know what you think!


I’m down for some wow classic robot. I haven’t logged into retail since classic went live, and honestly don’t intend to after seeing the spoiler vids of the ending.

I would apreciate some kind of upgrade finder to focus my efforts on some particular instances that could give me most return in terms of gear upgrades

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My only concern with the survey is that people like me have not opened the robot page since only playing classic I just by chance did today and saw the notification so be aware many that will see the notification are retail only players not classic :slight_smile:

yea same i was just checking to see if any news on classic and saw it thankfully

About the survey, I can’t do it honestly, because I have never played BfA and from the beginning the survey wants us to compare between Classic and BfA, I quit in Legion and came back for Classic.

You can replace bfa with your experiences in legion and take the survey, should be fine.

maybe have 2 seperate options to pay …as in have one mod for Retail and one for classic if people want to keep paying for retail they can or they just want classic they can cancel there sub to retail and buy classic AMR so if we want both you guys get 2 subs… don’t know bout you but that sounda like a best deal to you guys

after being a free user for a few months i finally decided to pay the ridiculously cheap yearly subscription fee. i have not checked to see when i am due to resub but since i am not playing anything but classic currently i have no logical reason to give you more money for something i will not be using.

if there were a classic version of AMR i would gladly renew a subscription even at a SLIGHTLY higher price, just don’t go overboard on the increased cost.

edit: i just checked and my yearly subscription ends on 10/22 - so i am cancelling it as of today until there is classic support.

thanks again for all of the work that you and your staff have done for the past several years to make my gearing choices easier (even if sometimes i don’t understand exactly why).

emmalee :wink:

i will cancel my subscription too. i need only classic right now.

2 months in almost now and still no update on this.

This happening or not, should i just stop checking amr?

Im also playing WoW Classic in a competetive Raid-Guild, propably strongest on the Server and in my point of view there are many items that can not be compared that easy :sweat_smile:. Stat waights are not clear because many of the info we have comes from private servers where the mecahnics can differ quite lot from the actual wow classic running right now :fire:. Lets for example just look at all these green items with “… of frozen wrath”:snowflake: attribute. Some of these things are better then any :arrow_right: blue item in the game, some even excel all :fleur_de_lis: epic raidgear of moltencore. Many people are not capable of doing all the difficult math :sos: for themselves, some are just to lazy and some dont have the time and cant find the fun in comparing dozents of items. Id love to see a AMR Version for wow Classic, all the deep math in the game is pretty hard to comprehend, I´m still working on my own Excel sheet but there is new items added every now and then and I´m also not sure if all my math is exactly right :sweat_smile:. Also there are effects as the diminishing return with hit-rating and also with Int and crit synergyzing different with higher ammounts. All these things have to be taken in account when comparing 2 items. I am subscribed to AMR a long time, I dont really see a problem if the addon etc is not working at the beginning because there are way less items in classic than in retail :thinking: and they also dont change in stats like all the warforge stuff in retail does. So searching for ur bracers in a list of 20 cloth bracers is not that hard at all when using the web application :wink:, there is absolutely no need for a working import in my opinion. I hope there will be development on a wow classic version of AMR, please make it happen, in my oppinion the playerbase wont fade that fast, the population on the servers is really strong :muscle::crossed_swords::bow_and_arrow:, there are even login queues on the bigger servers and we are 5 weegs into classic. People really just start to dig into endgame on a wide range now and really need a reliable tool toe compare and match items. Much love and creativity for ur team :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hope to see some update soon :innocent:

We are spending this week evaluating it – we have the survey still going to gauge overall interest, and we’re working on some code to determine how difficult it will be to modify the live site for classic.

We would need a working addon probably, since there is no functioning armory for the classic servers. I have old versions of our addon, so I’m going to estimate how much effort it would take to get the info we need to optimize a character. I’m also working on gathering the raw item data that we would need, while Swol is analyzing the game mechanics themselves.

We’ll have an update probably next week sometime where we determine if we will go forward with the project or not. We also need to ensure that it doesn’t eat into development time for the 8.3 patch.


I have to admit I’m really interested in the results of that survey… just for curiosities sake. :man_shrugging:

If you decide to expand to classic I’d be happy to volunteer any help I can provide - even if it’s just implementing/double-checking spells or doing something with the addon. Whatever I can do to lessen the amount of work you’d have to do especially with 8.3 on the horizon.
While I’m obviously not the most experienced user of AMR, I’ve been following since the beta and have been using the theorycrafting wiki every now and then to dabble into things.

Thanks! What I’m looking into now is a way to create gearing strategies without a simulator. The “rotations” for specs in classic were very simple and bare bones compared to modern wow, so I don’t think we’d have to go so far as trying to simulate everything. If we move forward on this, the main thing I’ll probably be looking for is people to help me test some stuff in-game, because I’m not going to level up every class to 60. I might create some sort of online form for people to submit spell test data or something to verify some of the formulas.

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I wouldn’t mind a simulator. It seems to me that there’s a lot of conflicting information going around the internet currently. Finding BiS lists is pretty easy, but figuring out when it is worth it to go under hit cap to get a larger amount of crit and strength/agi, or indeed how the hit cap even changes when weaponskill increases (especially in regard to the human and orc racials). Furthermore, how much is hit worth when you’re already overcapped?