Clicking ask mister robot button map not working



I have tried uninstalling the addon and downloading it again, checking in WTF folder for any saved files but cannot find anything.

When i click on the button for opening the AMR menu to be able to copy the best in bags data it just doesnt do anything.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you,




just deleted all files from my world of warcraft folder that had askmrrobot in its name.
Reinstalled the addon, still nothing.left clicking the icon does nothing, right clicking it wants to change my spec


typing in /amr show is impossible, the text stays in the type field and how many times i press enter it wont open but the text also doesnt dissapear from pressing enter. typing other stuff works so


Strange… I’ve never seen a slash command not work before…

I wonder if there is some kind of conflict with another addon. What other addons are you running?


I’m having the same issue. Can’t find any reason why it doesn’t function correctly.