Crit for prot pally?

Hi all,

Can someone explain why I’m getting suggestions for crit for a prot pally for Full Tough and M+ (M12) settings. I can’t think of a worse secondary, and when you look at the stats I have crit 1, haste 2, mastery a long way behind in 3. I would have thought gemming and enchanting crit would have been at the bottom of the list…



While I can’t answer your question I can tell you that you’ll get a much better response if you include your addon export (from WoW to website), that way the AMR team can reproduce what you’re seeing.

Also list which order you have your specs set. :slight_smile:

I have Raid full prot and a M+12 as my first 2.

Please tell me how to post my addon export and where to do it and I’ll head to the forums.


Just paste it into the forum here, bonus points for putting into Preformatted text, or even


a summary!