Multi subspecs (no update since 7.2.5)


Any update on this feature?


Still gonna do it :wink:

Working on some gearing strategy tweaks first, now that we have 2 weeks of real raiding data from BfA and a bunch of feedback on our first version of adaptive strategies. Then I’ll be working on this feature along with some UI tweaks to ensure it is smooth and understandable to use.


Thanks for the work, would love this feature!!! another added bonus as an enchanter is that with gear sets integrated thru AMR, I can easily determine what gear is useless for all my druid specs single and mulit-target and get mats safely :sunny:


Sorry to join the nag train but any update on this? Not asking for an ETA but maybe a ballpark (days, weeks or months) so I don’t have to keep checking forums everyday! :smiley: I know Blizz isn’t making it easy for you with all the patches!


We got the big update to tank rankings done, now I’m working on tweaking a few issues with it.

I have a couple other important back-end things to clean up… but I plan to do this feature within the next few weeks.


Also (sorry to keep coming back to this) how do you anticipate it working? Cause it would be super awesome if you can rank the priorities of each subspec - say Demonology Single Target > Affliction Multi Target > Demonology Multi Target > Affliction Single Target. So the best azerite pieces are used in the right places :smiley:


wanted to update this thread… and thank your development efforts… this feature is amazing !!! So exciting to give you all feedback and see results. Makes the subscription return on investment so easy a human can do the calculation! :slight_smile:


As promised, I just resubbed.