Priest issues with gearing


lol not i havent.
check posts carefuly before making comment.
i think my post from 12 march - when you can see my priorities - holy - shadow - disci
now is holy - than another holy and than shadow.


Back on the Shadow - Chorus of Insanity topic, every item is pointing to this being the go to Azerite trait. Other Sims are putting it significantly higher than Whispers of the Damned. Looking a the top dps, they are all sporting this trait. I would ask that AMR look more in to this Azerite trait to ensure it is being simmed properly.


I have looked into it multiple times, and I am confident it is simulating properly in our simulator. I looked at it specifically because it is simulating so much higher in “other sims”.

It is one of the best traits and it is very popular. It also has high synergy with Spiteful Apparitions, which creates a lot of potential for very high parses. We deal with averages in our rankings though.

Having one Whispers of the Damned is definitely going to be worth it, though - almost all top DPS parses use one of that trait.

When I check our latest rankings, they seem to be picking traits that make sense. 2-3x Chorus, 2-3x Spiteful, and 1x Whispers is highly favored whenever possible.


im happy to report shadow is good now also:


What was throwing me off was looking at possible upgrades from emissaries and the BIS 385 emissary was not even in the list for some reason. Comparing what I am using to the BIS (Legions) was a huge difference (my item was ranked #12 or something) I’m going to play with this some more once I get some of those specific pieces and recheck. Could be an issue with the Find Upgrades -> Emissaries module and not the BIB feature.

Anyway appreciate the attention to this.


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I have read your posts and you are missing one important thing: you keep changing the priorities - AMR makes suggestions based on the prioritization of your gear. You changed it three times.

1 - Holy, Shadow, Disc
2 - Holy Raid, Holy Myth, Shadow
3 - Shadow, Holy Raid, Holy Myth

AMR makes suggestions based on how you prioritize your gear. You will get different suggestions every time you change the prioritization. Talents, skills, gear types, gear matches are all affected by which you place on top.