Refreshing Gear


I know it’s a little nitpicky but there isn’t a quick refresh option to update my information. In previous Xpacs I’d just log off my character, hit refresh on your page, and it’d update it with my latest gear. I tried clicking my name then choosing “Recent Characters” and clicking my character name but it doesn’t refresh. I have to manually type in my character’s name again.

Massive quality of life improvement would be a “refresh” or “update from armory” option. Thanks :slight_smile:


In theory it should keep the armory import for what i know :confused:

Probably a bug because it keep the data in the list for me.

Are you on edge or internet explorer ?
Maybe try to close and retry ?


I think @moltisanti wants a way to reload from armory without having to type in character name. It’s on my list to add an armory reload button somewhere – we have a bundle of UI changes we’re going to work on soon-ish.

In the meantime, you can use our addon to update your character also – I usually do that whenever I get new gear.