Stat Goals and Graphs


For what its worth, I actually have come around to agreeing with Swol. I think they are going in the right direction by moving further and further away from any emphasis on stat quantities (thanks Zoopercat for the theorycrafting blogs).

With hindsight, what would have been more useful to me this expansion would be a table like the following:

    Source        Current Impact on DPS         BiB Impact on DPS
                    SOLO      MULTI             SOLO          MULTI
    Crit            25%          20%             +2%          (-4%)
    Haste           15%          12%            (-3%)           0%
    Mastery         30%          45%             +2%           +6%
    Vers             5%           4%              0%            0%
    Procs/Other     25%          19%             +5%           +2%
    TOTAL          100%         100%             +6%           +4%

This would’ve helped me in two ways: (a) the procs/other line emphasizes what they’ve been trying to say, that a big part of our performance isn’t actually from stats; and (b) seeing at a glance the impact on two different setups (adaptive single and adaptive multi, in this example). The downside is that it isn’t a graphic picture, so isn’t quite as much a replacement of this much-discussed graph but rather would compliment it.

Edit: bottom line, though, is that I can’t wait to see what they are planning to cook up next.


Something like that could be a cool addition: visually show in a simple way how much the non-stat stuff on your gear is contributing to your performance in relation to your stats. We’ll keep that in mind as we play with new layouts and stuff.




I sure wish I could see where my current stat combination is on the chart. To know how close I am to ideal for my item level…
Like seriously, why isn’t there a marker showing where I am currently?


I admit, that it is a bit difficult to make a complex scenario explainable via graphs.

However Ddcorkum might have found a potential way of displaying things in an easier way.

Nevertheless I am glad that you invested so much time in developing your awesome tool.

Have a pleasent sunday and stay healthy.

Kind regards


ddcorkum’s example is great. Adding markers to display a character’s current stats would make the graph much more useful. In it’s current form the graph is effectively meaningless at-a-glance. It forces the player to switch between the game and the graph to get their stat numbers and manually evaluate their standing, which to me kind of defeats the purpose of using an evaluation tool like this.


We have a few new ideas for displaying stats to people with the BfA redesign of the website. We think that the current stat graphs and summaries are useful, and many people have told us that they like them… but it still doesn’t quite get across the information we’re trying to relate.

So we’re going to try out a few new ideas when BfA goes live, and we’ll be interested to see how people like it.

The main problem with the current stat goals is say we did add a marker that says “you are here”. Many people would incorrectly look at it and say, “oh I need more haste based on this chart in order to move up, end of story.” When that’s not always true… sometimes lowering your haste results in a better set of gear due to other factors.

We want to come up with a way to present stats that makes it clear that stats can never be evaluated in a vacuum – sometimes you have to sacrifice stats to pick up a set bonus or legendary, or sometimes the “cost” of getting more of the “best” stat is too high, you would be better off with a specific combination of “worse” stats. This is all very difficult to get across in a succinct little chart.