T20 4P Balance updated?


Just wondering if the Balance druid Dec 5 T20 changes have been fully updated? It looks like the haste element has been changed to 2% but the max stacks is still set to 5 (rather than 4)? It may just be me not reading it correctly though.


any News?


It is updated in the simulator yes


Yes, it’s been changed in the simulator.

You can see it here.



I think something went wrong with the new T21 Balance Set.

All top Logs for AoE fights are with the new T21 Set + maybe 2 T20 pieces.

But AMR says the new T21 isnt worth it.

Here my BiS List

`$55;EU;Blackmoore;Farmo;From Flames;9;2;110;11:800,3:800;1;.s1;6;3222112;1034,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,245,70,137,1,1,1,128;4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,4,1,1,24,1;155846b1512b35630,155854b1512b35630,155846b1512b35630;.q1;128858s16b722x155846m1512m35630y8n1512n35630z-8o1512o35630c111;15437s3b1089b1718b101;7505s15b-1819b1819e5436;166s2b-2128b2061e2;3s13b-2061b2061;3s11b-2061b34128e-10;7s5b-34128b2061;7s6b-2061b34128;6s9b-34128b2061;134s10b-2061b2061;2s7b-2061b2061;284s8b-2061b2061;269s1b-2061b2061;7s12b-2061b2061e0;1484s14b-2001$g\155846\155846\\\@g\155854\155854\\\@e\5436\128550\191005\200 _Intellect_\124442=8,124440=30,124124=2@e\5438\128552\191024\Mark of the Distant Army\124442=12,124441=10@e\5428\128542\191014\200 _Haste_\124442=4,124440=35`


Okay I think its the “Pre-T21 Multi-Target” Adaptive Strategie. I calculate one for AoE and my results are completly Different. Now im using the new T21 Set and the dmg is much higher (in AMR ~20%)


As the description says, the “Pre-T21 Multi-Target” strategy is designed for… pre-T21 gear!

If you have tier 21 set bonuses, you should use the regular “Multi-Target” strategy at the top of the list.



Sry im so stupid :wink: Thanks alot