Test Combinations takes up to 10x longer then just a couple weeks ago


Also just to get a ballpark: what kind of processor and how many clients/threads are you using?


unrelated to the simulation time issue - you’re going to get really skewed results if you do simulations with lots of ally deaths. It’s going to push the results into a spell usage that is not typical of how you’d normally play, and then run out of mana before the fight ends, resulting in the last part of the simulation being sparse spells with people constantly dying.

If you’re looking for actionable results, you should find the setting where the deaths are non-zero but not much more than 1 or 2. That will be maximum output with a realistic spell usage.


Alright. I will do that Swol. Thanks.

yellowfive I am running a Ryzen 5 1600 6 core 12 threaded CPU OC’d to 4.02 GHz on all cores. This is the same CPU I have been using for sims the last 2 years.

Also the sims seem to have sped up. Not as fast as they were but considerably faster then they have been the last couple weeks.


My guess is that it was a rotation logic tweak. Healer sims can be very sensitive to the conditions used in the rotations – some of them are very CPU intensive.


The latest update seems to have sped it up considerably. Thank you.