The Global Network


Would it be possible to have the client provide feedback on whether or not the GloNet is actually working?

Currently the text says: “Global network is enabled, Background mode, always on”

Maybe add a line underneath that says one of the following:

  • “Currently working for the Global Network; thank you for your support!”
  • “Currently standing by until the Global Network receives a new task; thank you for your support!”

Other such messages might be appropriate too, covering different situations.

Also, it would be wise to give an indication whether or not it is okay to close the program (ie, turning off the computer) without impairing the simulation.


Or even cooler would be a scoring system. Like, “You have contributed X amount to the GloNet”.


We will add some messaging for folks once it is in full swing. We are hoping that tonight we can try it out for a batch of sims!


Is it possible to set up different speeds for different times? I would like to have glownet running in the background while I’m using the pc, but run at max during the night.


Eventually we plan to add more flexible scheduling. Right now we just added something really simple to get the project rolling.


I’ve set the client up to run “Normal” and to run GloNet as “Enable,Normal,always on”. I’ve set it to run as a service on my computer. I cannot tell if my computer has ever run any GloNet simulations as a service, or even that it is enabled. I have stopped the service and run the client normally on my computer and GloNet is often disabled again. Is GloNet automatically disable every time the client updates?


All settings should get saved when you exit the program. If you force an exit (ctrl-C or close the console window) rather than using the built-in “Exit” menu option, sometimes it won’t get a chance to save.

I’ll be adding a little widget on your account page that shows how many sims your client has done, and how many are currently connected.


Account page? Where do I find that?


Click on your username at top-right of every web page.


I saw today that this has been implemented. Thank You.


My network connection sometimes breaks over night and arm client was closed because of that. Now I see it’s fixed and client reconnected when connection restored. But global network schedule changed to 0000-2400 and it is not what I setted.


Try setting your schedule how you want it, then press Enter to bring up the main menu, and choose Exit. That should ensure that it saves your settings to disk. Then start it up again – it should show the settings you had previously set, and you should be good to go.

Every now and again it won’t save settings if the program exits abnormally, so exiting normally once should take care of that.


hm. I set schedule to “1830-0830” and it show “0000-0830, 1830-2400”. It’s OK, I understand why. Then I choose Exit, start app again and it show “0000-2400”


I’ll have to look into it, not sure why it is doing that to you…


Would it be possible to enhance the “little widget” to include a count from the last 24 hours in addition to the total count?

I’d also like to see those two numbers on client screen. It would give me a “warm, fuzzy feeling” that everything is working.

Does the client automatically update if you release a new version or do I have to exit and start it again?


The client automatically updates.


Can I change the Global Network mode on the fly without interrupting the job? Say I see it is running a task and want to change the mode from Normal to Max.

Also, if I run my own job, will the currently Global Network job lose it’s processed time when it is interrupted?


You can change modes on the fly – it might take up to 5 minutes for your change to kick in though.

Your current job will not cause any global network work to be lost – it will save any progress it has already made, then stop working and start your personal simulation.


Is it normal for the Global Network settings to be lost everytime I exit the client? I need to set the mode and hours each time I started it.

I also wanted to say that I find AMR so useful and the three of you so helpful that I became a Premiere member. Thanks for all the hard work.


A couple people have had that problem of the settings clearing… it’s not supposed to do that, and I haven’t quite figured out why it does yet.

A poor-man’s way to get your settings saved would be to modify the settings.json file in the AskMrRobotClient folder directly… can use that as a workaround until I figure out why it sometimes doesn’t save.

The settings are a series of “key”: “value” pairs, here’s what the global network settings look like:

    "GlobalNetworkRunMode": "Custom",
    "GlobalNetworkThreads": 8,
    "GlobalNetworkSchedule": [

This example would run in Custom mode with 8 threads, and from 0230-0930. (Internally it converts it into a decimal number of hours from midnight.)