Unable to switch characters for optimization


OK, so I used Mr Robot to optimize gear for my rogue, Villainya. After doing a few mythics with my hunter, Dazbòg, I wanted to optimize that charcter’s gear. So, I selected the hunter from the drop down menu that still had the Villainya character, I pasted the info from addon, but as soon as I hit “Best in bags”, the character reverted to Villainya, the rogue.
What gives? I’ve done this hundreds of times and never had this problem.


Did it happen just once, or are you able to reproduce the issue consistently?

I switch between a couple of my characters pretty often and haven’t had that happen – I’ll give it another try tomorrow to see if I can reproduce the issue.


I have this same issue. It’s been repeatable over multiple log out/in over the last two days but only on two of the six characters I have in my Recent Character list. I select these characters’ names but nothing happens. I no longer get the “Wrong Character” message when I try to paste the other characters string in. I’ve deleted these characters from the Recent Character list and attempted to re-import without success… nothing happens when I select IMPORT.
I’ve switched to these two characters recently, normally, but now I can only switch between four of my six.