Web Server Upgrade


Same today on Chrome. I get the standard Green Legion background with the correct banner but Login fails stating “Error!” under the banner. Trying to load a character brings up an Error dialog box “Could not read response.”


Strange… have you tried clearing your cookies for askmrrobot.com? That might help.


Cleared cookies, restarted browser.
The specified CGI application encountered an error and the server terminated the process.
On login or on basic character loads


That particular bug is an intermittent error I’m working on fixing… haven’t quite figured out the root cause yet. If you wait a few minutes it usually clears up pretty quickly. It is not browser related though, it is a server issue.


Just thought I’d add to this. I use Chrome as well and for a few days now loading the website and the strings is either really slow or it fails.

This is the error I get when it fails:

The specified CGI application encountered an error and the server terminated the process.


Yeah the bug is intermittent… if you try it again a few minutes later it will usually work. Been going at it for a few days trying to find the root cause… still no luck, but hopefully we’re narrowing in on it. I have several people looking into it now.

Significant issues with website after update

I am having this kind of problem with latest version of Chrome 62 as well, not possible to log in. Edge works ok.


Have you tried clearing cookies for the askmrrobot.com domain? That usually clears up any issues with logging in after our last server update. You can also try going to the home page and log in from there instead of from another page.


Yes I did all of that, even cleared the other storage the page uses, did not help :frowning: Logging from homepage doesnt help either. Server returns error 400 Bad request:

Request URL:https://www.askmrrobot.com/account/login
Request Method:POST
Status Code:400 Bad Request
Remote Address:

I also did full fresh reload, no cache, tried all can be done from user side / browser side. Please note, as a fellow programmer, I have vast problems with current version of Chrome, as it started to behave weirdly in some areas that used to work till Chrome 61, it might be an issue of browser (when the very same thing works in Edge …)


THe big box talking about the update will not go away and I see no exit,cant use AMR!


What browser are you using? There is a button in the upper right of the window that closes it.


If you have a small screen, the close button might be off-screen… we’ll work on improving that. Use your browser’s zoom feature to zoom out, that should get around it for now.


Are you going to fix the Chrome error? still cannot log in, still Error 400 msg …


I use chrome and have no problems with the site, so it must be something specific to your system…


Latest version 62 of chrome?


Yes, we always use the latest version of chrome for both personal use and testing of the website.


I’m running version 62 of Chrome and having no issues.


weird, I still have the same error … It tells me there is an error on the page and I need to relog. When I enter the username and password, there is still that 400 error and nothing else :frowning:


Is it possible that you are using something that strips off certain http headers? Some kind of browser plugin or VPN or proxy software? That would cause this issue.


Today: I did a full reset on the Chrome after logging off my google account. Test. Still received errors but was able to refresh two or three times before pages would load properly. Once that was done. I logged chrome back and it fully broke after syncing accounts again. I was not able to pin down what setting needs to be changed. My synced settings worked prior to the upgrade but now they don’t. I logged back out. Reset again. Logged back in setting sync to exclude settings. Again had to go through two or three refreshes to get pages to load but they loaded and can function. If anyone can pin a setting down on this, that would be great.