325 version of same ring somehow worse than 320 version

Just now used Best in Bags for my paladin. For prot spec, it suggested the 320 Spearfisher’s Band over the 325 Spearfisher’s band. Clicking in for the details shows it somehow computes the 325 as -0.15% worse.

320 version: +156 stam, +145 crit, +172 mastery
325 version: +165 stam, +149 crit, +177 mastery, +55 Avoidance.

To my eyes the 325 version is strictly better for any and all reasons. Is it possible the avoidance somehow led to a negative value, or Mr Robot got confused as to which was which?

An addon export would be handy here, the one from WoW to the website.

Given the information you’ve provided my guess is that you’re using BiB on a lower priority spec and a higher priority spec is using the 325 version with a different enchant.

My gem and enchant preferences were both set to none so that shouldn’t be it.

My bag contents are pretty different after a night of dungeon runs and I can no longer reproduce this issue. Thanks for the response and next time I will know to capture the export at the time.

Your gem and enchant preferences isn’t the same as spec priority. My guess is the same as Cluey, you have prot spec as a lower priority. So the 325 is taken by another spec with one enchant, and your prot get the other ring with a different enchant since it isn’t allowed to change the enchant for the higher priority spec.


Zoopercat said it great in another thread:

There are no enchants and no gems on any of my gear, and my preferences say not to put any on them. This preference is honored in the best in bag output which specifies “No Ench” in the enchantment slot. Since there is no enchantment, there is no reason the better ring could not be allocated to each spec. Or am I missing something?

I would suggest that your main spec. is probably not Protection; to me, Avoidance wouldn’t rank that highly for Holy or Retribution.

Ah, okay. Make sense if you never set enchant for any spec. I can only make guesses without you giving us your addon string for your character so we can take a closer look.