373 Guardian druid has reached his toughness threshold for M12?

I set my best in bags to Mythic 12 for the gearing option and it already says I am at my toughness threshold already even though my Ilvl is 373. So instead of picking defensive traits, it has me wanting to take mostly offensive. I know there’s not a chance of me surviving a M12 at 373 I wouldn’t even try a M0 at this level.

In your situation - your item level is so low that you’re really outside the bounds of the data we use for the optimization, so some weird results may occur. It doesn’t really make sense to optimizer for M12 at 373 item level. You can get up over 400 item level with very little effort - and you don’t need to worry a ton about your gear until you get to that point. I’d suggest changing the toughness slider to all toughness or all dps until you get a bit more gear.

Okay thanks for the reply! I kind of thought that might be the issue but I wanted to check here to make sure first.