7.2.5 Website Update

Today was the first in a series of updates leading up to the WoW 7.2.5 patch and Tomb of Sargeras. This post will be updated as we make more changes.

  • Tanking and Healing simulation updates! See the respective threads for more details:
    Healing Simulations, Version 2
    Tanking Simulations, Version 2

  • Upgraded the back-end to a new version of .net core, which unfortunately may require that you log in again. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re working with the .net core guys to figure out why that happens when they put out updates.

  • Many small bug fixes that have accumulated over the last couple weeks… if you posted about something and we said “we’ll fix it in the next update”… this is the update! Give it another shot, let us know if any problems persist.

Website is crashing every time I try and open it now. Getting a cannot read response error.

I’ve tried closing and re-opening the browser which isnt helping. Logging in again gives the same error. Nothing seems to help always getting the same error.

I think one of the servers didn’t update… try it again, should work now.

Looks like the healing impact of Velen’s and Prydaz have not been added yet? Just a friendly reminder. :slight_smile:

Looking for upgrades is not filtering items correctly. Example on my Warlock, with filters set to show only medium chance or better, it is showing all Legendaries!! Also most items shown as upgrades are Titan Forged equivalents when I know several normal items are upgrades (such as what can be purchased with Nethershards).

I’ll do an update today that should fix that.

The Upgrade Finder for me will not filter to just the nethershards anymore. I type even just “n” in the box and all the gear disappears. And yes, i have the checkbox for Broken Shore checked. I even unchecked it and re-checked.

Small Update!

  • Fixed a bug with the filtering on the upgrade finder, should all be working as normal now
  • Fixed a rare bug with certain “version 2” custom strategies that would cause the optimizer to stop before choosing the correct sets/legendaries
  • Fixed a couple simulator bugs related to the new healer features


  • Fixed a bug with the upgrade finder rarity filter, should really work this time
  • Fixed a couple more simulation bugs related to the healer/tank updates


  • The Global Network is now available for testing! Read the linked thread for more details on what it is and how to participate.
  • Added some scaling options for healer sims: there is now an Ally Item Level setting, and the M+ Level will apply to damage taken in healing simulations. This lets you independently adjust how much health your allies have, and how hard stuff hits.
  • Fixed several small bugs with V2 tank gearing strategies – if you were having trouble, give it another try.
  • Fixed an issue for people using multiple simulation clients, where one client is a lot slower than the others. Sometimes that was causing all of your clients to get throttled. Shouldn’t do that anymore, each individual client will run at the speed you specified in all cases.


  • The Blender is now available for testing! This is a tool for doing DPS-oriented tank gearing strategies. You will need to run a new “version 2” tank gearing strategy with version 332 or later of the simulation client. When it finishes, you will see The Blender options at the top. The linked tutorial gives more info and background.
  • Fixed a few issues with the Global Network, we will be running tests pretty often from now until 7.2.5, leave your clients on! And many thanks for your help in this early phase!


  • If you run a new V2 strategy with version 344 or later of client and use it in the gear optimizer, it will beta test a new version of the optimizer code. Should work the same as old version, but let us know if something goes wrong!
  • Fixed an issue with simulations sometimes not starting in the client.
  • Fixed an issue where global network simulations would not cause an auto-update to the client. You will need to restart or run your own simulation to get it to update this time, and then any simulation including global network should trigger it now.
  • A few minor pre-7.2.5 simulator spell tweaks.

#Important Announcement
When we do the final 7.2.5 update next week, it will most likely make all pre-7.2.5 custom gearing strategies that you have created invalid. We’re moving to a new system that will no longer support the older strategies. We figured this was a good time to make this upgrade, because there are a lot of class changes for 7.2.5, so many of the old strategies will become irrelevant. Anyway, this is just a heads up to not flip out if your custom strategies disappear with 7.2.5!

Small Update.

  • 7.2.5 simulator version is available for you to play with!

  • If you make a new gearing strategy starting today, you can try out the new stat displays mentioned here: Stat Goals and Graphs

  • Fixed a bug with some sets/legendaries not getting full value in the optimizer on new V2 strategies created recently. You don’t have to re-run them, just try optimizing again.

  • Couple internal Global Network tweaks, should be invisible, but let us know if something goes wrong.

I just ran this simulation - Gearing Strategy on the 7.2.5 setup: Not Available

It’s saying I can’t save the results with Machine Learning as the method because “This is an older gearing strategy that does not support the Machine Learning method. Try creating a new one!”

Do we need to do V2 now?

EDIT: Just ran a V2 Gearing as well, and can’t save that one either, for the same reason.

Yeah I’ll update that sometime today… there was a check for some of the older strategies, guess it is catching the newer ones too. I’ll fix that.

Will we need to run the sim again once it is fixed?

No you don’t need to re-run it – and it should be fixed. Refresh the page and try saving it again.

Small Update!

  • Fixed a couple bugs people reported with the optimizer.
  • Added some tweaks to tank gearing strategy simulations. If you run a new tank gearing strategy as of today, in theory it should give much more “sane” upgrade percent estimates on the optimizer UI. We’ll be updating the default strategies very soon to use this new technique.