9.0.5 changes and AMR

From what I am reading, there are quite a few changes being made to each of the classes with regards to covenant abilities, conduits and legendary powers. Are you in the process of implementing these changes in preparation for when the new patch comes out (I think it is in March sometime).

I was wondering if at least for the Legendary powers, whether you might provide that a bit early or not (although I realise that they could make some last minute changes that might negate what you have simulated). I’m looking at the changes to the hunter powers, they are nerfing the MM BIS a bit (it doesn’t proc wild spirits twice, which was probably a bug anyway), and it would be nice to know if it is still BIS, or if I need to make a different legendary in preparation for the new patch. I have almost enough soul ash to make my 3rd legendary, but given they are making changes to the various powers, I’m hesitant to craft one until the next patch comes out.

You should definitely be waiting. If you really Want to use your hunter, right now, yeah craft the lego. But if like me you have a reroll that you aren’t planning to play a lot, you could just craft the rank 1 to play a bit and keep your soul ash.
They will definitely change stuff before patch goes live.
Also, they way be overtune other lego (idk about hunter) so they are use on the ptr and not everyone going the same lego as live.

We will implement the patch versions of stuff a bit before the patch. We’ll have to decide if we can put up an actual PTR version of the simulator or not ahead of time, and how far ahead of time we want to swap over the optimizer.