Account and Updates

Hello, first of all, thank you for the service you offer, I have been an annual subscription for several years now and your page is very useful for me.

I submitted a contact form from Contact - Ask Mr. Robot but have not received a response.

I just finished my subscription, and before renewing my annual subscription (as always) I have some questions:

How can I see the history of payments and subscriptions of my account?

Askmrobot is already fully updated for patch 10.0?

If it’s not fully up to date, and it’s not going to be up to date until the release of Dragonflight on November 28, if I renew my annual subscription now, I would “lose” one month of the annual subscription, and I have a suggestion:

Why don’t you offer an extension of 1 free month to users with an annual subscription, for these periods that AskMrRobot is not 100% operational? You don’t “lose” anything, and neither do users with an annual subscription.

Thank you

Usually you get a response with 24 hours to account-related emails, except on weekends. You should receive a response sometime today, tomorrow at the latest.

Here is our dragonflight roadmap: