AceGUI-3.0 - AceGUIContainer-Frame.lua to at least version 27 for Backdrop API change

The AceGUI-3.0 lib bundled with the AskMrRobot addon packed and delivered in Twitch comes with version 26 of the AceGUIContainer-Frame.lua file. Might be as simple as integrating the latest AceGUI-3.0 lib to resolve the problem.

Line 4: local Type, Version = “Frame”, 27

Line 182: local frame = CreateFrame(“Frame”, nil, UIParent, BackdropTemplateMixin and “BackdropTemplate” or nil)

Line 204: local statusbg = CreateFrame(“Button”, nil, frame, BackdropTemplateMixin and “BackdropTemplate” or nil)

Noticed differences in setTexture at multiple points too via hard coded values vs references, but don’t believe those are causing errors.

I haven’t updated it because I haven’t needed to or run into any errors – in theory if another addon requires a higher version, it will use that due to how Ace does versioning.

What action in particular is causing the error for you?

The addon is functioning, just getting LUA warnings every time I launch WoW. To minimize the errors thrown (even non-critical errors), figured to provide the feedback.

Thanks – yeah I don’t get any LUA warning when I launch WoW using our addon and all my other addons… I’m wondering if there is an error in another addon that you are using that also uses Ace – but since our addon loads first (I believe they load alphabetically), it’s using the shared library loaded by our addon, and thus the error/stack trace seems like it is coming from our addon.

Have you tried narrowing down which addon is causing the issue by disabling them all and trying each one-by-one?

I do have a number of addons. Seeing errors in the following addon:


Looking across all my addons though for the ones utilizing the old call for CreateFrame:

Version 26 used:
Ask Mr Robot
Calm Down and Gamble
NPCScan - think this one is fairly out of date, but oddly not showing any errors

Version 24 used:

Hmm, interesting. Disabled all addons except BugSack, BugGrabber, and AskMrRobot and as you said, no errors.