Adaptive strategy bm hunter

So ok no matter which adaptive strategy i choose (single target/multi target) I stilll get the highest dps simulation out of oldstyle Heroic Ursoc. So I am still using it currently. This makes no sense at all to me but believe me when i say I have tried everything and yes I do have Best in Bags . Regarding Best in Bags again i have found higher dps by changing in a few of my own ideas. I have 4 piece Eagletalon that i’m still using because for some reason Best in Bags does not like the 4 piece Wildstalker in my bags. I am 902 so that is prob part of the problem.

If you include the string you use its easier to replicate your findings.

Also, the old ursoc is probably a lot shorter then any of the new fights skewing damage to a big burst. Just random speculation on my part here.