Add a Cleave Strategey as third option

Hi, been premium since well I can’t even remember now, and this tool has always been my preferred choice. I think you all involved do really good work. The only thing I’m missing and always thought “well they will add this sooner or later” is a cleave strategy. i.e. boss + (up to two) adds. For me as playing feral the gearing strategy always differed when it came to single target, cleave, or pure AOE. What I have to do now is to lock certain items and try to figure it out myself and I would love if this tool could do it for me instead. If this can’t be done in an easy way can you make a guide on how to use the simulator to also include items in bags for a cleave scenario?

If you go to the simulator page you can load your character the same as the main site. In the Gear section (step 3) you can click on any item to change it. There is an option to use only gear in your bag:

In step 4, you can change the script to whatever you want. We have a 3 target dummy cleave script you can use, for example.