Addon Insists on Downgrading Gem

Pretty minor bug, but for cost reasons, I have the site set to use Uncommon gems for sockets. I got a new item with a socket, so when I import the new gearing set to the addon, it says to add the uncommon +30 Gem. I go to the AH and happen to catch a really cheap +40 of the same gem, but now the addon is complaining that I don’t have the +30 in the socket.

It seems like it should accept that the superior version of a gem/enchant would count for when the gear set wants the inferior version and just mark that item as ok.

When I imported back into the site, and back to the addon, everything was fine, but just wanted to let yall know!

Yeah, this shows up sometimes… it’s on the list to deal with at some point, you know, once that list ever gets smaller.