AFF Warlock Azerite trait values way off. Please use Lock One Stop Shop for all weight values


As I’m sure it’s just an update oversite, the stat weights you’re using for the Affliction Warlock trait values (actually all Warlock values) are incorrect. Please use Lock One Stop Shop for current (within a day or two) values as they regularly update all the Warlock trait values for items, azerite traits, etc…


We prefer to use our gearing strategies because they simulate to the most dps.

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Affliction has a real big issue - it recommends FLASHPOINT as a passive. We cant use it. Any suggestions?

You probably have destruction set as a higher priority spec than affliction. In the list of specs on the left of BiB drag affliction to be higher priority than destruction if you want the azerite powers on your best items to be chosen for affliction rather than destruction.