Allow Conduit Respec. What does this do?

When ticking the Allow Conduit Respec? box nothing happens. I assumed I would see recommendations based on my current conduit spec.

If you are looking at a spec that is lower priority than another spec, that checkbox says that you would respec a soulbind when using the spec.

Like, if you were necrolord and using Emeni for an affliction spec, which is your highest priority, with a malefic rapture conduit. When you look at your off-spec, say destruction, the optimizer will probably also want to use Emeni, but since you have an affliction conduit applied - it will instead opt for Plague Advisor with a destruction conduit. If you check the “allow conduit respec”, the optimizer will instead use Emeni for destruction with a destruction conduit, on the assumption that you will go back to the sanctum and change the conduit when you want to play destruction.

I see. I was looking for an image showing which conduits and path use. I just now noticed the conduits are shown as a tiny block above the gear list. User error on my part =/

You can click on that block to see the full soulbind tree, and also customize the optimization of your soulbinds and conduits.

Thanks, I worked that out after I found the block :slight_smile: