AMR Addon Bug Report

Good Evening Everyone,

Just thought I would mention a bug I think exists with the in-game addon. If you have a legendary item and the armour for an upgrade of that legendary item then the addon gets confused and does not allow you to equip the actual legendary item, I hope that makes sense.

I had a 190 ilvl gloves legendary item and bought a 225 ilvl armour upgrade for them but the addon got confused and would not let me equip my 190 gloves - I had to log out and back in the game and manually equip it.

Hope that helps fix a bug?

Which version of the addon are you using? I just recently released version 97 that resolved a similar issue.

I am running 96, I will update, cheers yellowfive

Ahh it is not available on CurseForge yet - only v96 on there.

You can get it from our website. I’ll look into why curseforge isn’t auto-updating when I push new versions anymore… probably something got messed up when overwolf took over.