AMR addon detecting the wrong iLvl of an item?

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I’ll take a look – there have been some lower-level items that Blizzard is doing something different with how they scale them to a player’s level… I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

So that item is one of these items that scales to the level the character was when the item dropped. The game is indicating level 60 as the player level at drop, which would be ilvl129.

For it to be ilvl93, the player level at drop would have to be 55. I’m not sure where blizzard is getting that number for this item… your player is level 56, which would be ilvl111. But your current level isn’t usually what determines the item’s level, it is the level when the item dropped, which is stored directly on the item…

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You just reminded me of a clear bug in the game that I witnessed a week or two age. I also looted an item in a dungeon on a 5X alt, and could not equip it. The item, in-game, said that the required level to use the item is level 50, and I was 50-something, as I mentioned. The item remained unusable all the way to level 60, I believe. And if memory serves right, it was an iLvl 15X.

So, there’s definitely something wrong going on in-game with some items, indeed.

Somebody else made a similar post a few weeks ago… I got their in-game data with the actual item links generated by the game. The addon is still reading the links properly, but Blizzard has changed something with how these BoE, drop-level scaled items work, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to predict what level the item will end up from the link information. I really do think that they just messed something up with this…

I’ll see if I can get my hands on one of these items myself, and copy my character to the PTR and submit a bug report with the specific item. Maybe that will make it to the right person at Blizzard and we can figure it out.