AMR Addon Distribution

You can always download it directly from our site: Addon Page

It is not hosted on github right now. We could probably add it though… right now we automatically bundle it and place it on our website whenever we do updates.


The ability of WoWUp to access the Curse-only add-ons will break tomorrow (10 May 2022) or soon after. Any update on this?

We can look into hosting it somewhere else for other addon providers. In the meantime you can always get the latest version from our site, linked in my previous post.

We intentionally don’t update our addon very often – we keep it as simple as possible to get the job done. We don’t anticipate any significant updates in the next few months, so you should be set for a while as long as you have the latest version right now.

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If I understand it correctly, will automatically publish an addon from a (private) Github repo; there might be some Github project set up to do: a couple of YAML files here and there, likely a Github Action to run the publish. Actions might actually allow you to publish to multiple locations automatically. I’m not 100% certain, but I think this is how the Hekili addon is published to Wago.

I greatly understand the time aspect of everything though, I’ve sadly had to stop playing WoW as much as I’d like lately because of work-related things, ironically dealing with migrating code to Github. Obviously, if I or anyone else can help in some way, I’m sure we’d all jump on it.


Thanks for the info, I’ll look into the github approach for the addon going forward.


want to bump this again. Your addon option still doesnt allow us to seemlessly update the addon as new expansions/updates are released
Seeing how you are one of 4 addons ive not found on wowinterface, wago, or github it would be super cool if you were to put it on any of those listed so we can auto update easily

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How about adding something to your CI to push it to github, then? WowUp also supports github directly, and then we don’t have to worry about anybody buying Wago like what happened to Curse. Because Microsoft already owns Github… and Blizzard. (Once the deal closes, anyway.)

Thanks very much in advance - I appreciate y’all!

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Just wanted to chime in to let you know that I am extremely interested in having the add-on available on GitHub, not out of fear of Curse or Wago, but because it is independant of any provider.



+1 this especially in adding to github. If you add to github you’ll have community support helping with getting things like CI working correctly to integrate with github.


Adding my request to please consider making the addon available via or or GitHub!

Of course, being able to update here is always so good to have available, in case we’re troubleshooting, but I must admit, I’m lazy, and I love having an aggregator that can do all updates for me. The real reason is I am ADHD and I forget things (Oh, so many things). And, I will totally forget something until I get a lua error or a notification that an addon is out of date. An aggregator is a vital tool for me.

I hadn’t used the addon in a while, I had completely forgotten about it (I had stopped raiding) and when I rediscovered it, I realized how much this addon helped me improve my game. I am so happy I’ve reconnected with it.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Joining the chorus. Allowing an Overwolf installer or binary to have execute permissions on my computer is a non-starter. While CurseForge may have once been the default, I would now say it is pretty unusual for a well-used addon to not have a non-curse-forge based distribution host. Github, WowInterface, Wago, etc.

It’s still on my to-do list to add it to github.

That said, your worries about overwolf I think would extend to any 3rd party addon manager – e.g. wowup and wago both have programs that you can install on your computer to manage your addons. Any such program requires that you trust the entity who is distributing that program.

Thanks yellowfive GitHub will be terrific!

I use and recommend CurseBreaker, which is open source. You can view its source at github AcidWeb/CurseBreaker. Despite its perhaps unfortunate name it is a cross-source addon manager that can update addons from WowInterface, GitHub, ElvUI/TukUI, Townlong Yak, and maybe some others I’m forgetting?

I’ve seen cursebreaker but thought it was discontinued – looks like the author plans to update it imminently, so that’s cool.

Open source is worth a little extra peace of mind – though unless some entity that you trust has publicly endorsed/vetted the code, being open source in and of itself is little protection. It still requires trusting the author/company/publisher as much as a closed source piece of software. I’m often wary of open source software not to be intentionally malicious, but accidentally so through a bug due to the authors not having the time/funding/motivation to fully test it.

That said – these addon managers have been around and used by a lot of people, so I expect most of them are pretty safe.