AMR - Addon Error every Levelup.... and some other Problems

Hello :slight_smile:

I have two different problems…


Every Levelup I get some Lua Errors with some strange Action Bar moving and stacking all above or completly move in different directions…

And all starts with :

1x [ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED] AddOn 'AskMrRobot' tried to call the protected function 'MainMenuBar:SetPointBase()'. [string "@Interface/AddOns/!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua"]:480: in function <Interface/AddOns/!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua:480> [string "=[C]"]: in function SetPointBase’
[string “@Interface/FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua”]:62: in function SetPoint' [string "@Interface/FrameXML/EditModeManager.lua"]:624: in function UpdateBottomActionBarPositions’
[string “@Interface/FrameXML/EditModeManager.lua”]:562: in function UpdateActionBarPositions' [string "@Interface/FrameXML/EditModeManager.lua"]:891: in function UpdateLayoutInfo’
[string “@Interface/FrameXML/EditModeManager.lua”]:240: in function <Interface/FrameXML/EditModeManager.lua:232>`


On the Website there are some strange issues with some Items that they are higher Item Level as in my bags… This is misleading when changing Items to maximize DPS.

This often happens on Heirloom Gear but also on some other Gear.

Our addon doesn’t use those methods – it must be another addon using one of the shared libraries loaded by our addon. If an error happens in a shared library, it will sometimes be attributed to the first addon that loaded the library, which is often ours because it is first in the list alphabetically.

Post a snapshot with the gear that has the wrong item level, and what the correct item level should be, and I can take a look.

Is this for WotLK or retail?

Here are some Screenshots from the Item Suggestion Problem I told…

As you can see on your website there is an issue

Sorry for posting 2 Posts, but I can only send 1 Image in a post…

If you provide a snapshot we can take a look, see if we can figure out why the heirlooms are not scaling as expected. Instructions here:

I’ve provided you 2 Screenshots you don’t see them?

I really need the snapshot to reproduce your case and test though – follow the instructions in the post that I linked and then post the snapshot ID here.