AMR addon has an issue when I have the same weapon in both hands

I have two Dawnbreakers one 405 and one 385. AMR addon can’t seem to figure out which one to put MH and which one in OH. It equips them a bunch of times, and then often equips the lower ilvl item in the MH.

I’ve heard this a couple times… but have a hard time reproducing it on my character to test it (basically can’t test this unless I have actual items in-game to use against the addon).

I’ll give it another shot, see if I can pick up a couple identical weapons that cause the issue on my frost DK.

I am still having this issue. Is there anything I can do to help you test? Is there anyway to run a log or something?

Still on my list to test… working on 8.1.5 stuff right now though. Will try to work it into an addon update that we do for the patch.