AMR Addon - Suggestion for Team Loot Distribution

I would like to see the addon provide additional detail when using it for loot distribution. Specifically, I have had a number of people over this expansion who have had items ranked as downgrades. When that happens I get an almost a canned response: “The robot doesn’t have a damn clue” and that starts the perception that the whole addon and ranking system is untrustworthy.

In looking into this issue more, and going through loot logs for people, it is very apparant that a number of these people do not have the best items on already. The addon knows they may have that “925” in their bag, but they are wearing a 895, and when they see the 910 piece of loot ranked as a lower percentage they see it as a flaw because “I only have an 895!?”

It would be wonderful if next to the percentage increase/decrease there was a breakout button that shows exactly what they should be wearing based on what they have in their inventory. Also, it would be nice to know if it’s on them or in their bag or bank (the addon already pulls that info), and list that next to the item slot. Showing the deltas for primary and secondary stats would be a fantastic piece of data to show as well, so they know if they put on the gearset listed they would be X% better.

If interested I can sketch out my idea and present it to you. This is something I would pay extra for monthly, i.e. Premium Team Optimizer. Please help me give you extra money!!

We certainly would like to do some updates to the Team Optimizer. First we need to finish up some other things first, but we will circle back to it!