AMR Gear Profile deletion

How do I delete the gear profiles in the AMR add-on?

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A fresh export from the website should do that.
If there are any gear sets left they can be deleted from the Blizzard gear manager. You find that on the Character window, top right underneath your ilvl are three buttons, it’s the right one.

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Hi Cluey,
The issue I am having is the profile list in the drop-down on the add-on. I am attaching a screenshot. I probably should have done that to begin with… Thanks for the response by the way.

If you export from Gear Check, it will create a set called “AMR xxx” where “xxx” is the spec you were in. It will keep overwriting that one.

If you export from Best in Bags, it will delete all sets not called “AMR xxx” and replace them with the ones you have on the website.

It’s on my list to add a way for people to delete the “AMR xxx” gear sets in the addon… just keeps getting put off. I’m not sure how you ended up with multiple though, unless you have labeled your Best in Bags sets “AMR xxx” also…

One thing you could do for now though is clear all of your settings for the addon. The easiest way to do this is delete the addon with the Twitch app, and check the option to remove saved variables. Then re-install the latest version of the addon. If you don’t use the twitch app, you can go into the _retail_ , WTF folder, and find the AskMrRobot.lua or AskMrRobot.lua.bak file and delete it. NOTE: you must do all of this while WoW is completely closed.

You would have to make sure to re-initialize your characters after doing that (open the bank once, activate each spec once).

Hi Yellowfive,
I will go ahead and do what you suggested and remove the add-on once i get to a capital city and can access the bank and open my bags.


Thank you so much… AMR Should probably integrate this option into the addon since alot of people will be looking for this exact problem!