AMR not considering 3rd Weapon on DH

Hi, I have a strange situation where I have 3 weapons on my Demon Hunter 385 Bloodtooth the Soulfeaster, 375 Daelin Proudmoore’s Saber with a socket, and my newest drop, 385 Blade of Encroaching death. AMR does not seem to consider the 3rd item at all, always saying the other 2 are better. This is fine, but I cannot even see it in the list of options:

I cannot understand why this is, as I would like to see the DPS difference. I have tried opening and closing bags multiple times, restarting the client, equipping and unequipping etc, but it only sees those 2 weapons.

This is my character string:


For some reason it is missing the $ off the start and end…

Blade of Encroaching Death is a weapon with Strength and therefore completely missing your primary stat (Agility). As Demon Hunter is a class based on Agility AMR won’t recommend a weapon without it.

While you could theoretically use a “wrong” weapon with much higher item level (e.g. the Blade of Encroaching Death at ilvl 385 should be comparable to a similar Agility weapon with ilvl ~350), having AMR consider “wrong” weapons would increase the amount and complexity of necessary calculations exponentially.

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@sassyrobot - you may want to update your add-on to v74… not that it’s pivotal to your issue.

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@asashdor Ahhhhh! Silly me! I usually play hunter, and only can only use guns/bows. I stupidly assumed that melee weapons would switch between strength/agility, like armor does. Thanks so much!

@eighjan Yes, I have updated my addon also!

Thanks both!