AMR now does % not number upgrades?

So was looking up some items and noticed your have % instead of numbers now. Did I hit a setting or is this now the norm?

We changed it to %, since we feel that is more meaningful than the numbers we had before.

Yeah – at the start of Legion people were doing like… 400k DPS. Now, it is not uncommon for a fully optimized player to be doing in excess of 1 million DPS. So before you might have thought a 4000 point upgrade was pretty good… but now a 4000 upgrade is less than half as good as it was before.

With percents, you get a more “timeless” scale.

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i was gonna make a new thread regarding this but noticed someone else beat me to it 20 days ago.

is there any chance you can make this an option we can flip on or off? i REALLY don’t like the new% numbers. they are hard for me to grasp. i can’t tell if something is a small upgrade and worth ignoring or a HUGE upgrade and absolutely necessary anymore. if i have an item, and only 2 upgrades avaiable, one is 0.09% upgrade, and the other is 0.99% upgrade. this means nothing to me. it’s like…can i ignore both? it feels like i don’t need them cause the % is so tiny and insignificant.

wherears, the old way, it would be like +2000 and +50,000. then i can tell, the top one is worth farming/bonus rolling or whatever. i didn’t know the old method were “dps” numbers. i thought they were just arbitrary numbers so i can tell what’s a “big” upgrade or a “tiny” upgrade not worth rolling on.

maybe i just need help understanding the new numbers. perhaps have them both side by side until we get used to the new one? ;_; i hate this new way. :frowning:

Part of the reason that we switched to percentages is that people were seeing e.g. a +2000 score increase and thinking that was a big deal, when in fact it was actually an extremely tiny upgrade. We wanted to switch to percentages because it’s more meaningful.

It is up to you whether a 1% damage increase is worthwhile or not. For a single item upgrade, I’d usually consider that a worthwhile increase, whereas I’d consider a 0.25% increase pretty small.

As stated above, with a number like +10,000… is that good or not? In Emerald Nightmare, 10,000 would have been about three times as good as Tomb of Sargeras. Yet if you have trained yourself to think that 10,000 is your cutoff for “good”… now you’re going to obsess over really tiny upgrades for no reason.

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lol. that’s my problem. if i remember the old method correctly, i think anything around the 0-1000 range was “meh”, if i get it i’ll wear it, if not, i’m not gonna bonus roll or spend gold enchanting it so i’d probably vendor it or something.

with the new method, i can’t figure out what number range is equal to the way i used to internalize it in my head.

i’m sure i could get used to the new numbers, but i don’t know how they match up.

another example, for the longest time, all the legendary pieces, would always have some astronomical number which made me think “boy oh boy, i wish i had that piece to wear, +99,000 increase”.

now when i look at a leggo, it says 2.88%. and it confuzzles me. :stuck_out_tongue: it makes it seem like it’s not even worth it anymore. 2.88% seems like nothing to bother with.

another example is, my weakest piece is my 890 boots. and AMR says the best upgrade possible are the leggo boots for my arms warrior. so from ilvl 890 to ilvl 970, it’s a 1.12% increase BiS… idk about you. but to me, that feels like i can throw the leggo boots away cause 1.12 is nothing and that feels…wrong.

i’m trying to teach myself the new way but it makes my brain hurt. :frowning: maybe if i trick myself and multiply all the numbers by 100 or 1000 so that 1.12 becomes 11,120, and a .09 upgrade becomes 900. ooh, i like that. that feels better. :smiley: of course 11k > 900. yah, i think i’m gonna have to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

thx for the help. it’s an annoying 2nd step, but i’ll have to multiply all numbers by 10k to make them mean anything to me cause 2% means jack nothing to me. lol

Well if you’re multiplying all the numbers by the same number… it’s basically the same thing in the end, right?

Also keep in mind: you have 14 slots of gear, excluding your artifact. If you were to get a 2% increase in all 14 slots, that would be a total 28% increase. That is pretty massive… e.g. if you were doing 900k DPS, you would go to doing around 1.15 million DPS, or a gain of around 250k DPS. That is pretty massive.

So while no individual piece of gear will be massive, the cumulative effect of upgrading all of your gear has a big impact.

A single item that is a 2.88% DPS upgrade is pretty massive, by the way. I think it’s just a matter of learning the “scale”.

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gotcha. i’m getting the hang of it now. thx so much for the help. :slight_smile: