AMR recommending wrong traits?

Hello, I believe that AMR is recommending the wrong azerite powers for my gear. It’s telling me to use avenger’s might instead of light’s decree in a couple of my pieces of gear.

$72;US;Stormrage;Torribus;Mythical Order;5;1;120;37;13:1,15:592,12:1,1:150,3:150;3;.s1;19;;.s2;20;;.s3;21;2333112;.q3;158075s2b1544b3385b1b6;1050s13;305s1b-3379b3218b11b616b46a280402a-14222a2257a-4459;31s11b-3891b3227b162e5943;1613s9b-3439b3277b15;400s14b-3292b3277b335;1881s15b-3557b3224b16b323x153707;54s7b-3558b3216b343;475s16b-3564b3224b339e20;1574s10b-3623b3284b340;5s6b-3624b3284b16b324x420;87s5b-3619b3279b36b591a22251a2724a-9027a-11326;5s3b-3906b3279b36b593a17629a161a-19454a1659;1005s12e-20;138s8b-3913b3284b16b677x0;.inv;6948;37102e5930;2824;16505;38870u505x76693e-1509;7350;961;5835;4583b737b764b1b0x60653y14692z5e1542p1545p1792p198q-2033q1835q274r-2109r1835r274;6871;4594b1957b171;1b-1819b1819x-460e-524;8b-1819b1819x2124e500;62;4503b-171b111;3b-1759b1819e-505;26b-1819b1759;1b-1759b1759;1b-111b171x-2124e-6;11b-1819b1819;6b-171b171;5b-1819b1819;6b-1819b1759;10b-111b171;19b-1819b1759;1006;2081;654b-111b171;600;159;47;465;2132b-171b111;9b-111b171;1b-1819b1819;14b-171b111;2b-111b111;83b-111b171e503;2309b-171b171x0y0z0;1040;3937b-1819b1819x2124e8;138b-1819b1819;30b-1819b1759;1b-111b171;696;4;66;47b-1819b1819x-2124e-511;15;171;1;1353;7b354b10;2b-11b1;1b1b12;708;1642;3527;0;245;381b-2505b3294b13e535;398b-3307b3294b13e-31;293b-3317b3301b15e1;1854;0;0;0;519$

Where does your belief come from?

This is the sim result against the Mr Robot single target fight, the one the BiB results are based on. It includes some movement because that’s what happens in real fights.
16652 DPS Currently equipped gear
16913 DPS BiB recommendation

This is the result if you use the Target Dummy instead of the single target script.
17168 DPS Currently equipped gear
17345 DPS BiB recommendation

It’s much closer when there is zero movement involved.
I’m going to guess your belief comes from other sources which will be using results from SimC against Patchwerk, which is a Target Dummy. In that situation you’re unlikely to notice a difference in game and it probably comes down to a small implementation difference between the two simulators.

As with all results you need to keep in mind what it’s telling you and what the constraints are on the procedure in getting those results.
Also ask yourself how many fights you stand perfectly still for the entire boss fight.

Would you rather gear suggested for an unrealistic DPS situation or something closer to how the game plays now?

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Ok I was using simulationcraft not AMR so that’s on me.

Keep in mind that you can also use the “customize” feature to prefer different traits - it will help you quickly find traits that are also considered top tier.