AMR seems very wrong for mistweaver stats


When I do a mistweaver (monk) sim/gearing strategy AMR suggests that mastery is a considerable trait over all others. This data however seems highly controversial regarding icy veins, wowhead and warcraftlog parses. Top tier players are mostly in line with icyviens / wowhead guidance around int > crit > vers

I would appreciate an explanation about why AMR is valuing mastery considerably higher above all other stats? I’m at work at the moment but can paste my export to the thread later today. My somewhat educated assumption is that the gust of winds passive may either be improperly weighted or some other passive i’m not considering.

Link to warcraftlog parses:


We analyze healers a lot differently than other sources - we built a healing simulator to be able to handle all of the complicated variables that go into healing. Gust of Mists is being calculated correctly in the simulator and in our gearing strategies.

Right now if I look at the gearing strategies on the site - mastery isn’t weighted very high for a raid healing strategy with refreshing jade wind. It is ranked as pretty good for some other talent builds, and especially in mythic+. That is a logical result - the more spot healing you do, the more valuable it will be.

Looking at healing parses is pretty misleading - it is very easy to “game” those. And, usually the high parses are raids in which that healer was able to completely ignore spot healing and almost completely focus on AoE healing. Most healers/raid teams don’t work like that. You have to be more of a “jack of all trades” and throw out a few more vivify or an enveloping mist or two. The amount of movement you have to do will heavily affect mastery as well, since you won’t be able to get as many soothing mist ticks in. Right now the gearing strategies assume you are very efficient with your movement. I do plan to add some more movement into the healing gearing strategies sometime soon, but I think what we have now will work well.

I don’t know how other guide sources are determining the values for the different stats, but I do know that we are the only ones doing simulation - which means we are taking into account a lot more factors than any other source of information.

I’d say: before you assume the advice won’t work - try it out. If you find yourself getting very few gust of mist procs, then, you’ll want to adjust your stats or adjust your play so that you get more of them.

Heyo !
I play Mistweaver as my main and use AMR to get gear and gearing strat.
I have mostly the same stat order as “other source” int > crit > vers for raid healing

Stats are very sensitive of the talent choice you have compare to Legion.

Mastery is hight value because of some talent like the Serpent Statue (or Mist wrap). Normal because it procs mastery when it cast.
Other thing you need to consider, are mana relative. If you have infinite mana (fight short), haste is on top of everythings.
If you do some tank sitting mastery will help you more than versatility and if you are doing classical raid healing (what you shouldn’t do because you are a monk not a druid and you are currently the best to do spot heal even on top of paladin) then having a part of mastery would be a nice idea to get the best heal/mana ration for spot heal.

And everythings i said here are what AMR show in the BiB or gearing strat. Keep that in mind and you will good to help people survice (I dont care of HPS because it doesn’t mean anything except if you want to do who have the biggest dick in you healing group)