AMR should take into account set pieces

AMR should take into account the 150 stats from “Loa extultant shroud” and “seal of the zandalari empire”, because 150 agility is worth way more than 50 crit :slight_smile:

We will probably add an option for this… since it is only active in “Zuldazar”. I’m not quite certain what that includes… if that means just the raid, or just the zone Zuldazar, or if that includes both… or if it includes dungeons in Zuldazar like Atal’dazar or not…

If you have the set bonus and want to test in which places the bonus is active, would be appreciated!

I just got the set, and was having the same problem with AMR. The set bonus is working in both the raid and the zone.

If you get a chance, could you check if it works in 5-man dungeons as well?