AMR tells me to use Ulduar trinket over iLevel 184 trinket

I ran Ulduar yesterday and still had some loot in my bags. When I ran the best in bags it told me to replace with

Which seems complete nonsense. And also testing the on use effect doesn’t do much at level 60.

Is this a bug worth reporting or some other mechanic that I fail to understand?

If you could post a snapshot to look at your particular case: press “help” next to the big “Best in Bags” section header, then press “Create Support Post”, and copy the generated snapshot ID here.

Most likely you have your on-use trinket setting set to 1, and not enough non-use trinkets to fill both slots.

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Thanks for the quick response! And you were right about the on-use trinkets - once I set this to 2 it doesn’t suggest this anymore.

Below the snapshot just for completeness.


My appraisal is that the IQD ‘on use’ is so unquantifiable, that it renders it unoptimisable.

You have to increase your max on-use items. Currently it is set to 1.

All three available Trinkets are ‘on use’…