AMR WotLK Calculating Resilience Incorrectly

snapshot ID: d8b712a3c1144275a28224b2a358f52e

Will somebody please double check the conversion rate of resilience rating to crit reduction? The website doesn’t agree with what my character sheet, weakaura, and logs are reporting from within WoW. The Best-in-Bags option has the rate of crit reduction from resilience rating giving more than it actually does in game, usually shorting me by about ~15-20 rating from being crit immune while tanking.

Thank you kindly to whomever finds this and looks into the situation.

We are using a conversion rate of 81.97497559 resilience = 1% reduced chance to be crit.

This is what my resilience stat reports back to me in game.

In the snapshot you gave, you only have 15 resilience. In this screenshot you have 128. Do you know where the difference in resilience is coming from? Is something different in-game vs. the setup you see on the website? A different item? Different gems/enchants? etc.

Fair enough, I went ahead and followed the full scheme in the following SS. The resilience value listed on AMR’s site under the CharSheet assures me that 127 resilience is what I can only infer to mean 1.55% reduced chance to be critically hit.

My character sheet in game puts 127 resilience at 1.35% chance.

In-game shot.

It looks like it’s happening with defense as well. Same ratings, but different percentages.

I extracted the latest version of the combat ratings and I guess they changed the resilience rating conversion at some point, it is 94.271225 in the current build on the classic servers. I can’t find a reference to that anywhere in the old sources about combat ratings in WotLK, so who knows, maybe they tweaked it for the re-release. We’ll update that in the next site update.

(We just recently got full data extraction working for WotLK… it is very difficult to find data for these old versions of the game.)

As for defense, that one is a rounding difference… I’m really not sure if the game only displays defense with a truncated value, or actually uses a truncated value (floored, rounded down to nearest defense skill – those are the same and what I mean by “truncated”). We are showing the true value. I know they changed it at some point, just can’t remember which expansion they changed it (to use the true value, not the truncated value, so that every point of defense rating has value not just at each “step” where you get one more point of defense skill… but when they made the change they didn’t update the in-game character sheet to match, was one of those annoying things that someone figured out back in the day).

The difference is so small that it is very difficult to test, but if you know someone who has done a definitive test point me to it and I’ll update the site. For now I’m going with my best recollection in the absence of a test, but it was a long time ago!

Yeah. My friend and I were just talking about the defense thing probably being a rounding/truncating issue.

Thanks so much for looking into this. It was driving me bonkers that my cheat-sheet aura was complaining about me not being crit immune. I like to keep a mean threat/dps setup for the easier/faster fights that don’t clap particularly hard and AMR’s optimization tool has been amazing! I was doing it all by hand, but I’m a lazy, lazy peon and love when robots do it for me.

Thanks again @yellowfive.

np – thanks for posting and bearing with me! I probably should have been able to figure it out from your first post but with 10.1 around the corner we’re getting crunched a bit this week and next.