Any plans to support Cataclysm?

Looked around the forum, but can’t find an answer. I wanted to join up but if Cata isn’t supported it’s kinda pointless.

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It is a pitty. Been using AMR for a long time and is sad to say I will be leaving and miss my Mr. Robot. Good luck with the adventures for retail.

After all these years I’ll be canceling my subscription as no point if you can’t support classic cata
Good luck it’s been fun

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i also have to honestly say after years of paying not even one of my favorite addons is supported :frowning: then let the classic and whatever expire and focus on retail and always the new released classic version. many are angry which i can understand and many will let their subscription expire like i will do if cata is really not supported. please think about it again. i speak here for a very large part of the AMR community…

Translated with (free version)

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The War Within may be released as early as late August. I’m really sorry, but there is no way for us to create a classic cata version of the site and get The War Within implemented and supported in time for release.

We were able to swing classic, tbc, and wotlk because they were much simpler versions of the game. Moving into cata and beyond, we are talking about a version of the site that is almost as complex as the retail version! There are only so many hours in the day :frowning:

Yup, I’m with the other guys here… what’s it been 7-8 years? Too bad I pay in advance, and didn’t expect this. I’m paid till Dec 28th, but it’s canceled now.

I understand it’s out of your ability AMR team, you will be missed. Maybe I’ll set a calendar reminder to check the forum once a quarter or something in case there is any chance of you guys expanding your team.

I’m very saddened by your decision. I’ve been an AMR subscriber from the beginning and I just canceled my subscription, since I’m now on the Classic track. I will miss AMR as a resource and I hope you will reconsider.