AskmrRobot selecting trinkets and azerite gear that sims lower

I’ve simmed and tried best in bags and it’s using azerite pieces/traits that arn’t BIS on Icy-Veins and it’s telling me to use 2 versatility trinkets over the BIS on Icy-Veins. When I sim with each set of trinkets the icy-veins ones sim higher.

Could your share you sims ?

I dont have the same result as you.

BIS from AMR :
27k805 HPS 0.16 Ally death

BIS using trinket from icyveins :
27k593 HPS 0.15 Ally death

I’ve use the two first trinket mentionned :

I’m a couple of days behind here but I don’t know how to help given the information you’ve provided.
What class and which spec?
Could you provide the links to the sims you ran please?
Even better would be your ARM addon export, from WoW.

Having said that the “BIS” stuff from non_AMR sites are based on SimC data performed on Patchwerk, which effectively a Target Dummy.
In a situation like that traits and trinkets which benefit from uninterrupted attacks will show as better than a script which simulates some interruptions.

It’s your choice, in the end, as to what you choose but have a good think about how often you get to stand still and attack a boss for five minutes without moving.