Azerite gear not loading up with extra 5 ilvls

When I load my character, my Azerite gear doesn’t have the correct ilvl, as it ignores the extra 5 ilvls from activating the centre ring. The gear has the Azerite Empowerment icon in the simulator after importing, but still has original ilvl. I just tried out the “Best in bags” feature and it suggested I use the same pieces I’ve already equipped, but with the extra 5 ilvls!

This appears to be a problem with all my Azerite gear.


If you post your addon export string that you copy from the addon to the website, we can take a closer look. Perhaps the unlock requirements are different in-game than what we have on the site? They have changed them several times, and there isn’t a good way to get that information directly from the game data – we have to maintain it by hand.

$69;EU;Anachronos;Thodric;Molten Core Swim Team;5;1;120;36;12:103,7:71,13:37,1:150;2;.s1;19;;.s2;20;1333322;.s3;21;;.q2;158075s2b1542b3387b1b6;84s15b-3374b3224b17;4s14b-3261b3241b20;1251s1b-3246b3218b11b616b46a281841a-10301a8477a-16039;2184s8;1805s9b-3886b3224b339;2s3b-3563b3213b11b339b275a14631a-10926a754a-4459;4s7b-3838b3224b340;5s10b-3564b3224b340;4s5b-3564b3213b11b339b273a14627a-7069a-7574a16;469s16b-3836b3224b339;1576s6b-3623b3284b340;174s17b-3619b3276b343;28s13b-3574b3232b19;14s11b-3241b3224b17;881s12;.inv;2459;442;3055;992;18591;61677;21860;1484;9590;8497;219b736b744b0b4x133136y-16z4183p1494p299p16q-315q298q17r-325r242r1802;3338;5919;4;359;2;1325;379;568;845;47;2009;8851;1;30;2;1;2;28;1;2;0;0;89;144;1;1308;715v120b226b3086;22v0b-3120b3120;0v0b-3117b3117;25;0;5;9;1;695;36;2213;2;146b-3234b3224b612;35b-3881b3268b605;135b-3838b3232b19;591;5;21;31;3;23;15;10;1;14;310v0b-3092b3085;34v0b-3102b3102;11v0b-3085b3085;267v0b-3096b3096;24v0b-3079b3079;52v0b-3115b3115b6;252v0b-3092b3086;229;67v0b-3081b3081;6v0b-3104b3104;1v0b-3102b3102b6;44v0b-3103b3097;10v0b-3085b3085;117;413;222;120;153;357b-21a280710a-13027a-3721a16;952;890b-3243b3254b339b269;286;7;2;1;42;563;109;1845$

Thanks for your help, I imagine it’s a pain having to keep up with Blizzard’s constant tweaks.

Edit: if I paste the above into the ARM ADDON part of the simulator page it loads up the proper ilvl. Now I have the addon I’ll do it this way.


Ah – so you loaded from the armory the first time? In general it should read azerite traits from the armory… I’ll double check that there isn’t a problem with the azerite empowered trait when reading from the armory.

To run best in bags, you need to import from the addon so that we can see all the gear in your bags and bank. And in general… most people just use the addon instead of the armory now, it is usually a bit more accurate and quicker.