Beast Mastery Hunter - significantly increase DPS for "Mad World"


I don’t think I’m that far off from the DPS needed for soloing 5 Mask Horrific Visions, but my 60K dps really needs to be more like 100K to avoid running out of sanity on the final boss. Unless the Whispering Eldritch Bow will make the difference (a lot of better performing hunters seem to be using it), I’m not sure what I should be focusing on. Is this bow worth the fuss? AMR rates it as a 2% increase.

AMR thinks the Unbound Force minor power is worth a 3.6% DPS increase, but with a 57% Crit, I’m not sure it is as useful for me as the minor for Vision of Perfection. Comments on the Essences for Visions?

I presently have 56.75% Crit, but only 19.7% Haste-- 4 Severe III and 1 Expedient III. I’m tempted to swap out a Severe III for another Expedient III, but AMR still recommends the Severe III over the Expedient III. And with all the Crits I’m doing, the 3% Strikethrough seems like a good thing to keep, but now I’m not sure. It is so costly to swap the Corruptions around, I wanted to ask before I make a downgrade and have to undo it, so recommendations–swap out an S3, the ST, or push my corruption into the 20’s?