Benthic items in BIB/WIB

Hi there
I saw that the new Benthic items will be making an appearence in the upgrade finder soon (Thank you!), but I was wondering what the plans are for them in Best/Worst in bags?

For example I got a piece today that is BIS once upgraded, but it didn’t show up in BIB until I upgraded it, and WIB initialy suggested scrapping it.
Will/could there be an option in BIB to ‘Upgrade Benthic’ (or something similar?), and maybe an option to exclude Benthic from WIB?

Not a huge priority of course, since we can look them up on BIS/upgrade finder, but I think it would be a nice option to have in the future.
Thanks again for all your hard work!

Yeah – we plan to add some upgrade finder stuff for Benthic gear, and I’ll give some thought to Worst in Bags for it too. Thanks for the suggestions.

Hopefully I can get to that before this coming Tuesday – working hard to crank out some initial rankings of all new gear by then too.