Best in Bag makes illogical suggestions

The BiB for Retri seams to have something wrong with its calculations as it suggest to use a weapon with 102 HIT even when its over the HIT cap and will result in the loss of 73 crit Rating and 10 Arp.
Only offensive gain is 1 strg.

Also other simulations shows a loss of around 50 DPS.


A good chunk of damage is affected by spell hit, so it ends up having value all the way up to the spell hit cap.

Crit rating has a somewhat weaker value because there are talents that give chunks of flat crit chance to big parts of your damage, which inherently reduces the value of crit on your gear.

So when it comes to hit above the melee hit cap and crit rating… you’re really comparing two relatively weaker stats. It’s hard to eyeball that, so using the mathematical model is the way to go.