Best in bag recommending worse gear

Hello! For some reason, the best-in-bag tool is recommending an item that has a decrease of 1.03% DPS. I don’t have any items locked and my currently equipped gear is already below my corruption cap (39). Does anyone have any ideas what setting might be tipping the scales towards the worse gear?


The resulting recommendation:

If you use the help link and then post the snapshot id that you can generate, that will let us take a look at this.

Maybe you have a custom rule set in the customize tab?

Sorry, ID is 27ce8a6b89354df4980bca0b89a15255

Thanks you for taking a look!

Ah, I figured it out. It seems the “max on use items” is making the tool chose between trinket and wrists.

You have max on-use items set to 1, and (you figured it out while I was typing this)

We have been meaning to pump up our estimate for wristwraps so they have priority - still going to do that at some point.

Thanks again for your help! I wonder if having 1 as a default value there is ideal? I shudder to think how many folks scrapped their hyperthread wristwraps because they were just blindly following the tool haha.

It seems like a tooltip/alert indicating which setting is resulting in a negative DPS recommendation (corruption cap for example) could help smooth the UX out a bit in these scenarios.

Yeah, that’s always been a long-term goal for us. Actually building in some sort of heuristics to proactively answer common questions would be helpful, although not trivial to implement.