Best In Bags 0% Increase

I have a 430 weapon with Deadly Navigation equipped in the Main Hand. My other two weapon choices are already-enchanted 420s, one with Deadly Navigation and one with Versatile Navigation. I have the 420 with Versatile Navigation equipped currently, so I don’t have to buy another enchant. BiB wants to equip the other 420 and re-enchant it. This is probably technically correct since that weapon has better stats, but the final DPS difference reads as 0%, so I don’t believe that it should be suggested.

Obviously this is a non-issue and I will just ignore it, but it’s a corner case example that I hope is helpful in some way.


I get this for the Weapons that data-string contains, so it might be - as you suggest - an ‘edge case’ where ‘average Jo(e)’ isn’t gonna be able to tell the difference.

Based again on what was available in that data-string, the best iL items give this as a set-up: