Best in Bags doesn't know I have two chest pieces the same iLevel

Best in Bags suggest I keep Boomy Azerite Traits on my Tank’s chest piece when I have two identical pieces. Isn’t it better to have tank traits or am I missing something?


Oops my mistake. The chests are not identical but then why does BiB suggest Boomy Traits for my Tank?

Balance has a higher priority than Guardian is why… so AMR may be setting Balance setups for both Chest pieces.

On some level you need to find a way to segregate an optimised Tank Chest to be able to lock it into the system, to differentiate it from a higher priority Balance Chest… whether that is by setting Guardian as top priority for a Tank set & then reverting to Balance to do the same there or not, I cant definitively say, but that’s what I’d do.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I wish I could set it so that it builds me two “best” sets for each spec without all that faffing about, but that did sort me out.

That does look like a pretty weird behaviour but I think I may have found what’s going on there: The Azerite threshold is preventing changes to your Azerite items.

Apparently the differences between guardian and other traits are quite small so with a threshold of 0.5% the optimizer doesn’t want to change any traits and just takes the best item “as is”. If you lower that threshold to 0.25% or even set it to “Disabled” you will get the expected result, i.e. guardian traits.

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Thanks asashdor. Setting my Azerite Threshold to disabled did the trick and it now works how I expected it to. XD