Best in Bags & Gear Check seem to be bugged

Several problems specific to Azerite armor:

1 - BiB doesn’t properly compare different pieces of armor (say, 2 different Azerite headpieces) until I’ve ALREADY picked their traits. It should provide which traits I should pick and then recommend which to choose.
2 - Once I’ve picked the traits and locked them in on my own, BiB ignores the obviously better choice and chooses the inferior item. Gear Check on the other hand gives me the correct choice BUT tells me a different trait layout, full well knowing the traits, once locked in, cannot be changed.
3 - After Gear Check, I resubmit a BiB query and it still chooses the inferior armor.


Can you post your addon string? It should automatically be picking the traits for you.

Here it is: (This time though it picked 2 traits, but left the 2nd one blank)

Edit - It leaves the second one blank because it’s a utility trait, it provides no DPS increase so it’s 100% user choice which to pick.

So a few things,

  1. I’m not noticing any problems, it’s picking the best gear that you can use right now.
  2. You can change your traits using the Artifact Reforger in your capital city. He’s by the transmog person.
  3. Which armor would you consider inferior? It says the helm you have on, 300il is 1% better than the 285 and the chest you have on is 2.71% better than your other chest.

Your heart of Azeroth is only level 11 so it might lock you out of traits, BiB accounts for that and picks the best piece of gear you can use at the moment.

BiB will also not pick a new trait if the gain is under the modification threshold.


This is specifically set to 0.5% to save money, you can set it to what you prefer. This is probably what’s telling it not to switch traits, switch it to disabled to see what happens.

Thank you for you reply. Very helpful. Unfortunately, the addon string I sent you wasn’t the best example. I received a better piece between the time of my first post and your reply which changed things slightly. Before the 300 chest piece, the helms I was comparing had basically only a stat difference - all in the positive, no negative stats. So, it was easy to see which piece was superior. There were no detriments to consider by equipping it. Even the traits were basically similar. Until the 300 chest piece above, I’ve had 2 or 3 other pieces while leveling between 110 & 120 that were not being properly vetted. The 300 chest piece was the 1st piece of Azerite armor I’ve received where the traits were actually computed for me. All prior armor pieces I had to pick the traits myself. May that have been a function of not being at the lvl cap yet?? Thanks for the artifact reforger tip… had no clue. :slight_smile: