Best in bags highlights bad items

Hey, i just purchased premium, coz before the gear optimiser was working perfectly fine. but a few hours later i double checked on my character.

it highlights bad items and wants me to change my good ones.
anyways i did just to test it, but as i thought i simmed about 4k dps less.

also when i check for ‘worst items in bag’ to safely discard them it highlights one of the trinkets that apparently i should equip when checking ‘best in bag’.

i’m clueless. anyone help please?



e: my string.
86;EU;Ragnaros;Zeruu;Angry Kittens;20;2;120;88;0:0;3;.s1;19;;;.s2;20;3232221;0.27.3_1.32.2_2.4.1_3.7.2;.s3;21;1213212;0.22.2_1.27.3_2.12.3_3.35.2;.q2;110044s17v120b6424b228;47888s3b-5015b3138b11b1720a277675a2735a-12745a-3703a16;143s2b-4860b3286b1b1383;1334s9b-4679b3149b224b1503b3b62;15s5b-4961b3158b11b656b1062a14627a-930a-13567a4488a-4618;5s10b-4877b3159b222b1505b3;203s16b-4889b3159b223b1506b1e5965;47s8b-6475b1576b3169b220b1507b3;5999s11b-4884b3154b17b1712b1e143;3545s15b-5044b5105;3446s14b-5020b3229b1601b1b127;8s1b-4958b3218b11b1600b2b117a14627a1975a-12909a923a-4616;809s7b-5003b3284b17b1609b83b20b63b1b35;558s13b-5127b3299b36b1693;127s6b-6473b1445b3299b36b1693b1;362s12b-5044b3314b39b1688b60b5b1e2;.q3;155890s10b1622b3164b216b1513b24b39b1;2010s3b-4942b3138b11b1720a278617a7612a-6330a-15937a16;175s2b-4860b3286b1b1383;637s14b-4709b3173b6b1727;697s9b-4876b3149b224b1503b3b62;50s11b-4951b3159b222b1507b1e6108;175s16b-4889b3159b220b1509b1b62e-143;9345s5b-5061b3258b11b659b1062a8920a27272a-20271a-11305a-4616;244s15b-5035b5105;3330s6b-6535b1515b3229b1577b25b125b24b41b1;62s7b-5022b3229b1577b26b126b1b62;54s13b-5021b3229b1601b1b127;1498s1b-5028b3288b11b36b1683a22412a-161a-22245a4610a-4616;6s8b-5003b3284b37b1692b1;357s12b-5029b3299b36b1691b3e143;.ess;4_1;5_2;6_1;7_2;12_3;13_1;16_2;20_2;22_2;27_3;32_2;33_2;34_2;35_2;36_3;.inv;2459;3832;657;15630;10892;4230;4108;4;1199;9999;19082;1;895;16124;14530;6402v120b6424b228;516;10418b-5915;3131;328;13205;837;7;2;239;1;1;1463;1413;2180;8727;1;63;1;2;52;9;28;207;1245;2;1;774;2;3033b900b3138b11b1720a277675a2735a-12745a-3703a16;179b-4869b3149b17b1659b19b32b65b1e5965;51b-4997b3203b18b1712;1257b-4908b3179b16b144b1569b1x168639;5b-4899b3158b11b656b1062a14627a-930a-13567a4488a-4618;5b-4877b3159b222b1505b3;203b-4889b3159b223b1506b1e0;12b-4909b3173b6b1729b1;35b-6475b1576b3169b220b1507b3;374;245;603;2135;186;382;14;235;1825b-4884b3154b17b1712b1e143;270;898;0;124;1;28;13;726;314;133;4;3;75;4;32;24;318;846;99;175;2754;32b-4959b3229b1601b1b125b3;121b-4964b3234b16b1559b27b125;5b-4956b3218b11b1600b2b117a14627a1975a-12909a923a-4616;100b-4953b3234b1601b1b125b3;69b-4979b3248b1730;0b-4978b3248b1730;555;0;1;1;5;3;1;5;5;1;63b-5013b3284b17b1609b83b20b63b1b35;349b-5127b3288b11b1717a22251a-12756a-6537a1658a-4616;209b-5016b3299b36b1693;127b-6473b1445b3299b36b1693b1;105b-4974b3244b1574b28b127;3;8;1;65;180b-5043b3314b39b1688b60b5b1e2;223;4;4;127;161;1;1;2

it highlights bad items and wants me to change my good ones.
anyways i did just coz i was wondering what’s going on, and as i thought i simmed about 4k dps less.

also when i check for worst items in bag it highlights one of the trinkets that apparently i should equip when checking ‘best in bag’.

i’m clueless. anyone help please?



While your export string contains all the info of your character, it doesn’t include anything about the settings you used. If you’d provide a snapshot id created by clicking on the “Help” link above Best in Bags we’d be able to give a much more specific answer.

Using your export string I’m only seeing two relevant changes:

  • AMR recommends a different corruption effect (Gushing Wounds instead of Twilight Devastation) which is most likely caused by the maximum corruption amount set on the setup tab. Using your current gear (i.e. Twilight Devastation) you’d be at 42 corruption which is over the default maximum of 39.
  • The other change is one trinket, where AMR values strength + versatility on use as slightly more valuable than versatility + strength on use. Not sure how much difference that would really make but according to the item selection menu it’s be absolutely negligible (~0.2%).

According to your export string it looks like you do have that trinket (Corrupted Aspirant’s Medaillon) twice. I’d guess that’s the reason why AMR tells you to sell one of those, as you can only equip a trinket once and the second one will never be usable at all.

hey, thanks for your answer.
7ca570bc37cd4b19bea9b90a74099ec9 this is the snapshot id.

my actual corruption is 37 (25 twilight rank 1 + 75 twilight rank 2 || 53 resist on my back and 10 resist comes from an essence), the max is 39 by the settings as you mentioned.

on the trinket part, i have only 1 of those trinkets, i checked it just now :open_mouth:

thanks again in advance.

Ah, right - AMR recommends not using Breath of the Undying but Essence of the Focusing Iris. Overall, the difference between those two essences seems to be negligible (around 300 dps or about 0.5%), which is far below the tolerance AMR has to use to be able to provide an answer within a couple seconds.

When combining that with the proposed corruption changes, the difference still stays pretty small or about the same for the top two combinations.

Realistically speaking, you won’t be able to notice any difference ingame as even some small inconsistencies while playing or good/bad RNG with procs will have a larger effect on your dps.

Not sure where your aforementioned difference of 4k dps comes from as AMR doesn’t recommend any changes that should cause such a big difference. If you’ve been using SimCraft/Raidbots to get those numbers, remember that’s using a completely different tool with its own calculations and differences between SimCraft and AMR in terms of dps are expected. That doesn’t mean one or the other is better, they’re just using slightly assumptions.

Regarding the trinket, you could try to generate a new export string and take a look if AMR still thinks the same. If so, you might want to check your bags (and bank!) again as it’s probably hiding somewhere in there. :wink: