Best in Bags suggesting downgrade

I’ve looked at a few of the recent posts talking about best in bags, but I couldn’t find anything related to this. When using the Best in Bags option, I’m getting told that I should replace my 875 belt, with an 865 version of the same belt. The lower ilvl does have a socket which is getting a Saber’s Eye placed in it, however the +100 Primary Stat is still less than the primary stat loss when switching (which is -115), making the change still a loss on every stat. Is there a bug here? Or some weird setting I’ve somehow changed?

Usually this happens if you have another spec set as a higher priority… if you could post the string of data that you copy from the addon to our website, we can reproduce your case and see what’s up.

Saber’s Eye should be +200 Main stat. Does that change your expectations?

I did just double check this, because I couldn’t remember the order I had them set when I checked for my spec, however it turns out twitchyftw was correct here, and caught what I didn’t, in that a Saber’s Eye is actually +200 and not +100, making the ilvl downgrade actually a stat upgrade.

Oh, turns out you are correct. It was a late night so I completely forgot Saber’s Eye is +200 not +100. This does correct the issue and makes the ilvl downgrade turn into a stat upgrade, justifying the change being suggested. Thanks!